Match Report
King's Ely Girls-U10D vs  Bedford Girls' School
On: Wednesday, 08 Nov 2023
Venue: Away

The hockey match

The match was extraordinary.

I loved it so much it was fun to play a match with a different school because we can learn from them, and we can show them that we are amazing. We left after lunch then we got on to the bus. We got there at late afternoon. When we started it was so intense, we started with the ball and their it went. We did two shuffles on the other team. One I did and the other someone else on my team in one of the shuffles I scored “yay!” the people that we played were very talented and we were too! It was a draw when I scored I was so happy. And grateful I would give this a 5 stars because we had fun and that’s what maters!

By Ana Gorgenyi Duran