Match Report
King's Ely Girls-U13D vs  Culford School Girls-U13E
On: Wednesday, 11 Oct 2023
Venue: Away

Everyone played well at the match. Culford started with the ball. It was hit up and down the pitch a few times, with some excellent hits from both teams. Then Culford scored the first goal. The centre mid hit the ball from the middle of the pitch and everybody started to play again. Everybody was running after the ball to try and score. Soon, King’s Ely had a goal scored by Charlotte. A bit later it was half-time. A few players on both teams were swapped around. After that it was time to start again. Three more goals were scored by King’s Ely. The scorers were: Lucy, Eden and Charlotte again. About fifteen minutes later, the game ended. The score was 4-3 to King’s Ely. The player of the match was Eden.

By Ella Smith