Match Report
King's Ely 1st  vs  Framlingham College
On: Tuesday, 14 Nov 2023
Venue: Away

Golf 14th November

On a cold and grey day, Rohan Neat, Ellis Kerr and Lewis Pugh participated in the semi-finals of the ISGA competition against Framlingham at Ely City Golf Club.

The conditions were made more difficult by the autumn leaves hiding the players’ golf balls, even when they were on the fairway, and a stiff wind from the East.

Rohan (captain) led by example, winning 8 of the first 9 holes, before eventually winning the match 8 and 7.

Although Ellis made hard work for himself by missing some of the fairways, his grit and determination saw him fight his way through to a 2 and 1 win on the 18th fairway.

Lewis had his opposition on the ropes by winning the first 3 holes and was 6 up through 9, finishing the match off by hole 12 with a score of 7 and 6.

This was an excellent performance by the group, setting up the county final against The Perse and it is the first time King’s Ely has reached this stage in the competition.