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King's Ely 1st vs  Oundle School
On: Tuesday, 19 Sep 2023
Venue: Away

The Independent Schools’ Golf Tournament first round against Oundle took place at City of Ely golf course on Tuesday, 19th September. Some of the gustiest winds to sweep across Ely in a number of years created challenging conditions for all the players and the weather played a significant role, resulting in decisive victories with scores of 6 & 5, 3 & 1, and 4 & 3 to King’s Ely.

The first team consisted of Rohan Neat, Ellis Kerr and Lewis Pugh, with Ellis being the first to tee off, demonstrating his prowess in navigating the windy conditions. He took control of the first match early, winning the first 5 holes and halving 3 out of the first 8 holes. Although he encountered a few problems over the next few holes, giving up his advantage and going 1 down through 14, he soon pulled back the lost holes and went on to win the match 3 & 1.

Rohan was second to tee off and despite the challenging conditions, he managed to find his rhythm and showed great determination in order to capitalize on key opportunities, securing a 6 & 5 victory. This match highlighted the importance of patience and seizing crucial moments in difficult circumstances.

Lewis played the final match of the day and both players demonstrated resilience as they faced the adversity of the persistent wind. Ultimately Lewis was able to adapt better to the conditions and make precise shots when it mattered most, allowing the team to clinch a 4 & 3 victory, sealing the match play competition.

The next round will be against either Framlingham or King’s B team, depending on the outcome of their match next week.

Patrick Carberry

Head of Golf King’s